Rebecca Sharma

Creative Consultant

“Patricia’s program helped me recognize my core strengths and maximize them to their full potential. In the process I found myself procrastinating less, communicating with more specificity, and in general gaining greater self confidence in regards to taking on leadership roles. Furthermore her holistic approach helped me to unearth essential aspects of my personal life that I’d swept under the rug. I highly recommend the 5 weeks to kickstart your dream program, especially for those who want to inject fresh perspective into their professional and personal life. ”


Zen Shane Lim

Executive Director, Kaizen Creative Group Inc.

“I’m writing to invite and encourage you to invest in a step that I took to take my personal and professional life to the next level. An experience that enhanced my power to inspire trust and confidence, by guiding me to discover my authentic sense of style and understand my unique brand. To enhance my competitive edge. As person committed to his personal and professional best, I was referred to work with Patricia Isaac, from a trusted friend. Patricia is direct, yet very compassionate in her approach to getting what I needed to step up my game.  2 years after my consultations, I continue to work and play with a confident sense of personal and professional style. Did I mention that I also tapped into my capacity to attract an incredible woman to share my life with? Regardless of who you are, where you’re from or where you are at today, your life will only grow and greatly benefit from working with Patricia Isaac. Do yourself a favour and book in a session for yourself or share this invitation as a gift to someone you care about!”



Accountant, Single Mom

“I have to say I was skeptical, but my friend said he had a life changing experience and ‘coincidentally’ met his now girlfriend, got the confidence to ask for a raise and got it, and looks better than I’ve ever seen him look! After meeting with Patricia, I felt seen right through and like my life was about to change. She called me out on areas I’ve been hiding and helped me to start walking out my door a strong, beautiful, woman every morning! Her communication support is incomparable. From helping me with emails, personal communication, professional communication and even how I communicate with myself, I will absolutely be going back when I need a tune up.  Not to mention, you kinda just want to be her friend. Working with Patricia is an experience to say the least. Whether you think you should or not, DO IT! So grateful.”


Joel Bellenson

Scientist, Executive, Author. Featured in Forbes

“A rollercoaster career as a serial entrepreneur who had focused on work instead of myself, it next became necessary to confront my chaotic and sentimental hoarding. I was completely unable to do this on my own. Enter consultant Patricia Isaac. She systematically evaluated. Such a dramatic experience of letting someone into your personal life might sound intimidating, but that was not the case. Ms. Isaac’s respectfulness, sensitivity, patience, honesty and trustworthiness made the experience a cathartic reinvention. She continues to guide and catalyze my development and rejuvenation as a happy, confident and attractive man. I look forward to every interaction. This process fulfills the important need of helping us discover our best possibilities, which are often squandered without expert insight.”


Sarah B


“I had been talking and talking about going after the same dream for years.  I had one project I wanted to get off the ground, but I couldn’t get out of my own way.  I realized a big part of my subconscious didn’t believe I could do it.  And I just didn’t know where to start, or what steps to take.  I found myself constantly distracted, and frustrated with myself.  Patricia helped me see my own blocks, my own potential, and in a magical way got me to connect with my Higher Power in the process.  I wrote my first book draft and am on my way to publishing right now. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for having worked with Patricia.  She walks her own talk in every way and encourages in a way that made me feel powerful, inspired and fired up every day.  She mixes the spiritual with the psychological with the practical in a way I had never experienced before.  I was able to take her gentle, clear, wisdom and guidance to “Kickstart My Dream”.  


Jennifer Madhani

Working with Patricia has been one of the most rewarding experiences of self discovery and action for a better me. She’s someone who can intuitively understand you, genuinely cares about your progress and is committed to it, and is able to create a short term program for you that can change your life. I love that she’s multi-faceted – focusing not just on you and your self development, but also how that specifically transcends into your relationships, career and other important areas of your life. Together you create a personal roadmap to what you want and how to get there – this roadmap – the what and the how – is what most of the world misses.

Sometimes there are things we need to work through or get stuck on, but overall there is this thing called life that we’re all doing – and what you gain through working with Patricia I honestly believe should be a universal course of navigating life for everyone so we can all live our best lives and be our best selves. Just as we need courses on science and history, we need to think about how we think too! Hopefully someday it will be considered an essential topic for all!

I’m so grateful to have met Patricia and worked with her and to anyone who meets her, you are so blessed to have her road cross with yours, as you’ll be on an incredible journey that will transform the way you think and approach so many things in life! I anticipate her to be the next great guru – she’s that great now – but the world just doesn’t know about her yet.