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I was chatting with a friend yesterday about the revelation I had around the use and value of decision. It helped her, maybe it’ll speak to you too 

Not just in the sense of obvious decisions – paths, partners, plans – but for our minds, thoughts, emotions…the foundation from where we make those “obvious” decisions. Things we don’t commonly think of as having anything to do with decisions. •

I’ve found one of the most useful tools in my day to day, is “deciding” today is going to be a great day. Deciding everything works out. Deciding I’m better than I was yesterday. Deciding I’m joyful, happy, incredibly blessed, a blessing, healthy, strong, on track, wise, here on/for purpose, so loved, aligned, deserving, capable of anything I choose. Not over-analyzing the past (bad/good/neutral), not over-thinking the future, looking for the answers. Instead just deciding on them now. In this exact second. •

Deciding I don’t actually need anything at all. That I have EVERYTHING inside and above me already. •

From preemptively DECIDING I am/have those things, all my other decisions tend to be that much better. I’m more myself, more active, generous, wise, present, enthusiastic, trusting, intuitive, peaceful, playful, aware of others needs, loving, creative, efficient, free, fearless, faithful, fruitful, and full of esteem. Not to mention, all the incredible opportunities, things and people that then show up in my life even more. •

That’s all for the moment. Maybe it’ll help you “decide” on something great & brand new today 🖤

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