I’m Patricia
an entrepreneur, writer, actress, humanitarian and master encourager, passionately committed to helping you take action now, and feel lit from within.

While in university, studying political science, econ, psych and tech, I kickstarted my career as the youngest account executive in corporate Canada, but eventually gave in to my true love – the life and career of an actress, writer and entrepreneur. Having acted in over 20 productions, written multiple projects – one of them in partnership with Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films, and spoken around the country on behalf of my business, I am wildly passionate about helping people get out of their own way and just DO the thing they’ve always wanted to do. The thing they’ve been putting off for too long – by way of spirit and strategy.

I am a strong believer in engaging with my community and giving back to it. A few of my engagements include speaking at battered women’s shelters; creating “Project: Be the Change”, a hands on organization that supported a number of the community’s biggest needs; creating “License To Rise” an online community for women to share and release their stories anonymously, find helpful resources and be encouraged, uplifted and reminded of their power and purpose; producing a film on the effects of shaming in the South Asian community; and co-founding the annual Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival that launched in 2010 and received a special acknowledgement from Prime Minister Trudeau.

I began coaching and consulting for the love of watching people walk away feeling confident, excited, and rejuvenated, in both their professional and personal lives


We are all about your license to rise. No more “one day”, No more procrastination – your time is Now.

We are all about your License to Rise.
No more “one day” – your time is Now.

We believe as you rise, you inspire others to do the same. We are wildly passionate about helping people get out of their own way and just Do the thing they have always wanted to do.  The thing they have been putting off for too long – by way of spirit and strategy.

You already know the “why”, we are just here to help you with the “how”.

From baby steps to giant leaps…you are more ready that you think.With every service provided, a portion of proceeds goes to Generosity.org and Aarti Home for Girls


A few real people sharing their own real results

Sarah B
“I had been talking and talking about going after the same dream for years. I had one project I wanted to get off the ground, but I couldn’t get out of my own way. I realized...
Accountant, Single Mom
“I have to say I was skeptical, but my friend said he had a life changing experience and ‘coincidentally’ met his now girlfriend, got the confidence to ask for a raise and go...
Joel Bellenson
Scientist, Executive, Author. Featured in Forbes
“A rollercoaster career as a serial entrepreneur who had focused on work instead of myself, it next became necessary to confront my chaotic and sentimental hoarding. I was comple...

The Crew

Medha Jaishankar
Content Producer
Siddharth Khandelwal
Business Advisor
A 15-year media & entertainment career in Japan, India and the US. Produced content for platforms such as BBC and MTV. Advisor to the Asian World Film Festival
Medha Jaishankar
Content Producer
Investment banker and an advisor to startups across the globe
Business Advisor
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Kevin Larson
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A growing entrepreneur financing is a huge sea of options without clear guidelines. you are ambitious but you do not have a strategy toward your goal. We give you strategic advice, plan for its execution and the right. keeping in view the short and long-term plans of your company.